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Ludwig Van Beethoven

Was born in Bonn Germany, he was a composer and pianist, Beethoven is considered to be a very important figure during the classical and romantic eras of the Western Classical music, in fact today he is still known as one of the most famous and dominant composers of all time. Beethoven’s childhood was a bit distinct than a normal one. His father had worked as a music teacher especially to have enough to support his family. Johan, his father, was a harsh instructor especially to his son, he wanted him to learn from the best he got many teachers during the and as a result his talent for music had started at a very young age. His father was very much aware of another very talented composer Leopold Mozart, he attempted to use his son Beethoven as a child as a child genius, he had even lied about Beethoven’s age in the posters he had put up for his first performance on March 1778.
Later Beethoven was influenced by changes for education and arts that were brought to Bonn by Maximilian Franz, from Austria Vienna. In 1787 he traveled to Vienna but in short time he had to return to Bonn to take care of his siblings, during that time he performed in many different operas.
With the help of elector’s he came back to Vienna. Over time he had premiered his first and second symphony, to Prince Lobkowitz, he continued to write more of his complex notes until he was becoming more and more popular. By 1796 Beethoven began to lose his hearing he got to a point of depression especially when he had composed in one of his biggest operas he had ever performed, he was not able to hear the audience loud applause because his hearing had already become profound, he was very disappointed. After this he had tried to continue in piano but after this fail he had never wanted to perform in public again. A few years later through the rest of his depressing life in 1827, Beethoven’s death lay near, it was caused by his alcohol addiction which made him have a liver damage. As he laid dead visitors had come to even cut locks of his hair to keep, some had even lead to assumptions that Beethoven had maybe been accidently poisoned to death under the prescriptions from his doctor.

Today many people around the world will probably know a little something about Beethoven and probably have heard his music before I hope it could remain like this !

What would you have felt like if you weren’t able to hear the crowd that clapped for your amazing performance !!??
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