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Olympe de Gouges

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Born in 1745, daughter of a butcher and a laundress married a rich old guy. The old guy dies and she stays widow; it stayed with sufficient money to live in Paris from 1788, living of the money that it obtained as writer. She was poor, polite, her grammar, spelling and calligraphy was incredible. Her works were too long and simple. She did not have success as a writer spite of all her efforts. The people make fun of her for being a woman, for her attempts in organizing the women, for claiming the rights of the women and for hating and been against of the revolution, and people depreciated her for not agreeing with the death sentence of the king Luis XVI and his family. At that time it was not normal a women to write books, protest against something, the women didn’t had rights as the men did and basically the women were insignificant. So what she wanted was to change this fact, she wanted women to had rights, to have power and be respected.
She wrote about politics, she was against the Jacobin repression was and against Robespierre and Mart. Accused of hating and been against the revolution, they killed her guillotined (cutting her head) in the year 1793. Olympe de Gouges works defended the right of feminists and revolutionary. A work published in September, 1791 called The Declaration of the Women's rights and the Citizen. In this work she defended the women, saying that the women had the same right as the men. She was saying that the women had power, freedom and that the rights should be the same. her object was that the women had rights to many things that they didn’t had, and to make the rights equal, like: right to vote, of speaking on political matters, of equality of public honors, of right to the private property, of taking part publicly in the army and in the education and of equal power in the family and in the church.


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