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Post  Romane D. on Tue May 05, 2015 9:43 pm

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889 and he rose to power in German politics as leader of the Nazi Germany and also as a dictator from 1934 to 1945. He was the one who started World War II and he had fascist policies that caused millions of deaths. A main Nazi concept was the notion of racial sanitation. The new laws banned marriage between non- Jewish and Jewish German. The Holocaust was also conducted under the protection of racial hygiene. It was between 1939-1945 that the Nazi were responsible for the 1deaths of 11 to 14 million people. There were about 6 million Jews who were included in the 11-14 million people. The deaths occurred in concentration and extermination camps. Not only the Jews were being killed but there was an incredible amount of Poles, communists, homosexuals, Jenovah’s Witnesses and trade unionists. It is said that Hitler had probably never visited a concentration camp and he had never spoken publicly about the killing. It was in the early 1945 that Hitler realized that Germany was going to lose the war. He married his girl friend, Eva Braun, in Berlin bunker. He was afraid of falling into the hands of the enemies because Mussolini was assassinated and Hitler had an agreement so they were going to go after Hitler. It is why he committed suicide with his wife in 1945 the day after the wedding. I think that he was such a cruel man for making such horrible decisions that were unnecessary. He has hurt way to many people, and I never thought I would say this about any one but I really think that he deserved to die.

What is your opinion about Hitler and what important facts do you know about him?

Romane D.
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