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Publius Scipio was born into one of the great patrician families in Rome; his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all consuls. In 218 BC Scipio's father, also named Publius, held the consulship in one of the most critical years of Rome's history. Scipio made his first appearance in history when he saw his father wounded and cut off by the enemy, he charged forward and saved him. It was recorded by the historian Polybius on the authority of Scipio's friend Laelius. Scipio served as a military tribune at the disastrous Battle of Cannae in 216. He escaped after the defeat to Canusium, where 4,000 survivors rallied; there he boldly thwarted a plot of some fainthearts to desert Rome. Then in 213 BC he returned to a civilian career by winning the curule aedileship; the story is told that when the tribunes objected to his candidature because he was under the legal age, he replied "If all the Roman people want to make me aedile, I am old enough." Soon his father and uncle were defeated and killed in Spain, where the Carthaginians swept forward to the Ebro in 211 BC.

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