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Julius Caesar was born in Subura, Rome in the 100 BC. His family wasn’t neither rich nor poor. His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar. At the age of six he was taught to read, write, and to talk in public by a private tutor named Marcus Antonius. Later on Caesar left Rome and joined the army. He quickly rose up the ranks in the Roman government. He became part of the first triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey, two very powerful men. Each one of them was in charge of a part of Rome. After he conquered Gaul he gained great deal of respect and power. This made many of the leaders afraid of him getting power over Rome and they demanded him to give up his army. Caesar refused and a civil war had begun. Caesar was victorious and became the dictator of Rome.He was assassinated March 15, 44 BC and stabbed 23 times.

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