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Post  Sarah Marti Roy on Mon May 04, 2015 11:57 pm

This had been developed by Count Alfred von Schlieffen, Chief of the German General Staff. Germany faced enemies to east (Russia) and west (France). Schlieffen decided that, in the event of a war in Europe, Germany's first priority should be to concentrate on a crushing offensive against France in the west.

-Make a move against France (west)
-Dutch and Belgian had no army so invade them as the strong German army would invade France from their northern borders.
-Push French forces across France against their own eastern frontier. Invade Paris and extend east and south of the city.
-Small German force to contain the French on their eastern border in Lorraine.

Schlieffen assumed that a rapid victory - within six weeks - would be achieved against France; after this Germany would turn her attention to Russia in the east. It was expected that Russia would take six weeks to mobilize fully, so the French danger would be neutralized during this time.
It failed because of Schlieffen’s successor, von Moltke. He changed the plan by not attacking the Dutch and Belgium and enforced more the Franco-German frontier instead of the attacking forces.
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