Factors (long and short) that lead to the start of WWI

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Factors (long and short) that lead to the start of WWI Empty Factors (long and short) that lead to the start of WWI

Post  Sarah Marti Roy on Mon May 04, 2015 11:55 pm

Long Term Causes:
Imperialism, the extension of a nation’s ability to control other colonies. Throughout the 1910s, Western Europe (particularly Britain) had held the world’s largest imperial empire. Each nation wanted to build a more powerful and strong empire than Britain had, which created a dangerous race to power.
Nationalism, the ability to have a strong and powerful sense of pride towards one’s home country and its identification, allowing oneself to think highly of their nation. Throughout the entire European continent, every country felt that their nation was better than others. They believed that their country was stronger and more powerful than any other, seeking national greatness.
Militarism spread across the European continent, as major nations strongly felt the need to create their own armies. At the time, not only was having a strong military a sign of power, but it gave nations a strong source of pride. This encouraged each country to strive to become the biggest and best, most powerful nation in all of Europe.
The Alliance System began when nations felt the need to protect themselves when it came to other powerful nations, as armies alone were not effective enough to ensure security. They fought to ensure that when a problem between 2 countries originated, other countries would join in, eventually causing the entire continent to go to war.

Short Term Cause:
The Assassination of Francis Ferdinand (the archduke of Serbia) and his wife was the final, official contributor to the start of World War 1. On June of 1914, a Serbian gang member of The Black Hand shot Francis and his wife to death. This caused Austria-Hungary to blame Serbia for the death of their archduke, as they declared war on Serbia. After declaring war on Serbia, the Alliance System came into effect, as different nations throughout the continent began to declare war on each other, protecting their allies.
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Factors (long and short) that lead to the start of WWI Empty Re: Factors (long and short) that lead to the start of WWI

Post  Vasilisa on Tue May 05, 2015 11:18 am

For a pretty long time the countries knew that the war was about to happen. Everyone was prepared and getting their armies bigger and bigger. The death of Ferdinand was the point when the war erupted, although everyone was prepared for it.


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