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Post  Vasilisa on Mon May 04, 2015 11:32 pm

I know that sometimes it can be kinda boring to read the same topics over and over again, so right now I am going to spice it up a tiny bit. I am going to have a question and the answer to the question right below it. You have to try and answer the questions by yourself and then check the answers. Tell me what score you got at the end.

1) What was the most destructive war in history?
- World War II
2) What is the country with the biggest number of deaths?
- Russia with 21 million
3) How many millions of people did Nazis murder?
- 12 million, and 6 million of them were Jews
4) What was the mortality rate of the prisoners in Russian camps?
- 85%
5) What was the most important medical advance that saved soldiers in WWII?
- blood transfusion
6) Between who did the greatest tank battle in history occur in 1943?
- Russia and Germany with more than 3,600 tanks involved
7) How did some of the German War criminals gained freedom?
- They passed themselves off as refugees at the end of the war
8) Before Germans decided to gas the Jews, what did they want to do with them?
- send them to the island Madagascar
9) What are some theories of scholars between WWI and WWII?
- That WWII is actually a continuation of WWI with a break in between

Hope you enjoyed it. And I would have gotten 4/9 probably. Smile

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Post  Mira W. on Tue May 05, 2015 12:23 pm

I'm glad you decided to "spice things up a bit!" Charles Drew was the American man who invented blood transfusion. He saved countless lives, yet it still makes me sad to think a single man - Hitler - was evil enough to want millions dead. I wonder if WWII hadn't taken place, if Charles would have discovered this medical technique or not...
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