Hitler's Illnesses [april]

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Hitler's Illnesses [april]

Post  Mira W. on Mon May 04, 2015 5:30 pm

There has been an enormous amount of speculation about Hitler's physical and mental well-being. Countless psychologists were unable to understand how a simple man could contain so much evil; digging into Adolf’s history, they searched for brain-related issues to give reason for his ability to murder millions. While some medical records prove Hitler's severe conditions, the extent to which Hitler was really sick has yet to be found out.

Having looked at dozens of websites, I collected this list of physical problems Hitler might have had:

  • Intestinal gas problems
    Chest pains
    Severe eczema (skin problem)
    Extreme bouts of stomach pains (especially in times of distress)
    Tremors (thought to be Parkinson’s disease)
    Cocaine addiction
    Insomnia, headaches, dizziness
    Weight gain (he had an extreme sweet tooth - family records suggest he put 7 spoons of sugar in tea)
    Visual problems

Metal issues Hitler's symptoms suggest:

  • Asperger's syndrome (affects the person’s ability to socialize -- aggression, social isolation, screaming, as well as impulsive and antisocial behavior are common symptoms -- also called Autistic psychopathy)
    Schizophrenia (hearing voices)
    Bipolar disorder (when someone has extreme mood swings, feeling overjoyed one second and sad the next)
    Obsessive disorder
    Split personality disorder (when someone is two people in one, usually having a normal and an evil side)

Hitler took 28 different medications to helping with his farting problem. It later turned out that his main physician, Dr. Morell, accidentally gave him ant-gas pills that contained two fatal toxins. Many have proposed that the built up of the toxins within his body made Hitler as mental as he was. His drug addiction began when he took cocaine to cure a cold. Doctors had to lower his dosage when he began to crave it. Some historians suggest some of his extreme-intensity speeches were made when he was high! According to one of the websites, Hitler was taking over 90 different drugs (pills and lotions) by the 1940s. Furthermore, Dr. Morell also gave Hitler injections, up to nearly 10 a day. It has never been made certain what the substance was -- the physician stated it was a vitamin and caffeine mix that served as an energy drink, while others believe it was another form of drugs. According to a few sources, the doctor never truly clarified what he gave Hitler, opting to stay vague with the sentence “I give him what he needs.”

Hitler’s tremors and irregular heartbeat suggested later stages of Syphilis, a sexually-transmitted disease. He called it a “Jewish disease,” raging about it in contempt for over a dozen pages in his book, Mein Kampf. This has led many to think that he may have had the illness himself. However, not everyone agrees with the Syphilis idea. On another website, I read that Hitler allegedly took amphetamines (through the aforementioned injections). When taken in smaller dosages, they can cause insomnia, a condition Hitler suffered from throughout his entire life. Psychological side effects related to amphetamine-overdose include irritability, paranoia, impulsiveness, loss of emotional control, as well as obsessive behavior. Physical side effects are tremors and twitching. As seen in countless videos, Hitler was certainly twitchy – as his condition progressed, his head, right hand, and entire left side seemed to jerk uncontrollably. These symptoms are most commonly associated with Parkinson’s, yet the medication Dr. Morell gave Hitler for this disease hadn’t worked. So what was really wrong with Hitler? No one knows the right answer.

Thousands have attempted to understand how a simple human being – a man – could have craved the death of millions. Countless have blamed it on mental issues, while others claim it was bad judgment on Hitler’s part. Nonetheless, all these remain to be theories, the real truth about Hitler’s medical issues hidden from the public eye. Today, accounts from several psychologists state that, while Hitler had numerous mental disorders, there is none that can be blamed for this man's decisions. Hitler truly redefined the word "evil."
Mira W.
Mira W.
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Re: Hitler's Illnesses [april]

Post  Romane D. on Wed May 06, 2015 11:25 pm

Mira your topic is extremely interesting. It's intriguing to see all of the conditions that Hitler had, it easily explains why he was how he was. I think that it still isn't a reason to forgive him because we all know that he had done way to many crimes for him to be forgiven. I think that it must have been hard for him too, to go through all of this, but in that case the population should've done a revolution in order to bring him down. This was seriously really interesting and it opens up our mind about why he was like that.
Romane D.
Romane D.

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