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Post  Vasilisa on Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:26 pm

The Paris Peace Conference was hosted in Paris, Versailles in January 1919. Called at the end of World War I, agreeing on laws to be followed in the years ahead for world peace. Consisting of 32 countries, the three main ones were United Kingdom, United States and France. Each country had its own personal expectations from the treaty and what should be included in it. Unable to include every country’s wills, the delegates came up with a compromise that allowed satisfaction with everyone. The interests of the countries differed but were brought together and agreed on in Paris Peace Conference.

The representatives of the three most powerful countries were David Lloyd George (prime minister of Britain), Georges Clemenceau (prime minister of France), Woodrow Wilson (president of USA). Germany wasn’t invited to the Paris Peace Conference, as well as Russia since she had a revolution in her own country and wasn’t present at the end of the war. President of USA’s wish was to end World War I and a long term of world peace. One ways of how he accomplished that is by forming the League of Nations, allowing for all of the countries to reunite in a critic time to discuss problems. British desire was to force Germany to pay for the destruction made during the war, making Germany have an economic crisis. At last French’s goal was to weak Germany’s military allowing France to have its security from Germany’s attack since they are neighbors. All of these points combined made it hard for the citizens of Germany and its economy.

The countries in the Paris Peace Conference blamed Germany for the start of World War I. The armistice it had to sign was rough and harsh. Giving away 10% of its land and a lot of its industries Germany was made to agree for beginning world war I, limit the armed forces, and pay reparations. All of that made Germany want to make them regret their decision in the future by starting a new war. From my point of view making it so hard on Germany created a conflict between Germany and other countries that in the future would result in another war.

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