Class Topic "The Industrial Revolution"

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Class Topic "The Industrial Revolution"

Post  Alicia M. on Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:44 pm

During the industrial revolution, more labor work was done than any time before. Industries had taken over hand-made products and child labor. Factories owners had found a way to manipulate workers and benefit from their work; low salaries were paid and the owners made huge profits. Children who worked in factories were put into very unhealthy and scary situations. The revolution’s economic and technological advances did not outcome mistreatment that the workers experienced.

Even though most people’s life became easier with the new technologies, others’ worsened. As P. Gaskell (medical observer) states, “… remaining in one position for a series of hours… its effects are injurious to the physical growth of a child.” He clearly makes us understand that factory labor is a kind of work that does not fit children. It damages their growth and the whole body looses height and capacity. The children’s future is being threatened by taking away their time of education.

Also, this revolution made a huge difference between the rich and the poor. “…it has been accused of lending itself to the rich capitalists as an instrument fro harassing the poor…” (Andrew Ure). It was unfair because the only people who suffered to make this world a better one were the poor. High-class people took over the power of the lower class, including children.

The industrial revolution was a remarkable change of the world’s technology and economy. Sadly, in my opinion, the revolution was not worth all of that suffering of the workers. There are different ways that the work could have been done, and the conclusion would have been as good. Meaning that suffering is not necessary to produce remarkable things, and today’s inventions prove the situation.
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