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Industrial Revolution (DBQ) Empty Industrial Revolution (DBQ)

Post  aubrie.g on Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:18 pm

Though a seemingly good thing when it first started. The Industrial Revolution wasn’t the greatest thing for the people working in the factories. There are a few good things that came about, like improved production. This would later lead to the assembly line which is still used today. The advances weren’t enough to make the treatment of workers seem any better.
Moving onto the more important question “Do the benefits of the economic and technological advances gained during the Industrial Revolution justify the ill treatment of workers during the time period?” In my opinion the advantages and benefits don’t justify the treatment of workers.
Most workers were beaten if they didn’t work fast enough, and if they fell asleep they would be poked by a pin/needle. “What was the consequence if you had been too late?- I was most commonly beaten.” This statement shows that working in the factory was brutal, and that the workers were more often than not treated worse than a dog. The most unfair treatment is that of the children.
Children had to work long days in the same brutal conditions as adults. There were many things that could go wrong, and likely did. The problems that would occur in children’s bone growth and development were a very serious matter. “The spinal column bends beneath the weight of the head, bulges out laterally.” Its problems like this that make some realize the worker is more important than the goods leaving.
In my opinion no the advancements and economic growth don’t matter as much as the treatment of the worker.


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Post  Joshua T on Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:47 pm

The Industrial Revolution is known to be as one of the greatest turning points in history with so many inventions. Without the industrial revolution the world would have not been the same.

Joshua T

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