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Post  Gloria H. on Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:48 am

Access the validity of the following statement:

The benefits of the economic and technological advance gained during the industrial revolution justify the ill treatment of workers during the time period.

The industrial revolution was a period of mass production of products and a period where workers were paid very little and were poorly treated, pinched, poked by needles or even getting beaten. Not only were women and men working for the factories, but children as young as 5 years. The revolution brought many benefits, to the world today and the people back then, but it also brought many struggles and costs to the modern civilization. I think that the struggles and cost outweighed the good in the industrial revolution. These same advancements could have been reached with taking in consideration the human rights of the working class and treating them with respect and not mistreating them

The labor in a factory was based on doing only one thing, for example stepping on a pedal or putting a piece of steel on top of another. This action would be the only thing they would do, and they would repeat it until their shift was over which usually lasted 10 to 12 hours. The children who had to work for less than what the adults were getting paid which was already a very small amount had to do work just as hard. Take in mind that these machines were dangerous and that the employees did not get medical insurance, or workers compensation. The children were forced to work hard, from a medical observers, perspective, named P. Gaskell in 1833, stated the following “that the heated atmosphere, excluded the necessary exercise, remaining in one position for a series of hours, one set of system of muscles that it affects the growth of the child causing them physical growth injuries.” These injuries include their spinal column bending beneath the weight of their head causing their back to bulge out laterally, others make their legs to curve and whole body loses height and muscle.

Although the bad outweighed the good In the industrial revolutions the benefits that came from it our still amazing and not very recognized. People mainly think about the people hurt and the money they were paid and how many hours they had to work, but overall the benefits have cause the developments that we have today. In the eyes of a professor of the university of Glasgow named Andrew Ure, states how people do only look at the negative effect on the people and not the achievements of the industrial revolutions. For example “lending itself to the rich capitalists as an instrument for harassing the poor, and It has been said, that the steam-engine now drives the power-looms.”

Gloria H.

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