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Class Topic: Opinion on Guiding Question

Post  Sarah Marti Roy on Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:55 am

Guiding Question: Access the validity of the following statement: The benefits of the economic and technological advances gained during the Industrial Revolution justify the ill treatment of workers during the time period. Use at least TWO of the following documents as evidence for arguing for/against this claim.

I completely feel the opposite about this statement. Even though the advances we’ve accomplished is incredible, I think that the suffering it caused humans and human populations isn’t acceptable. People have died, been crucially injured and contaminated by deadly diseases just so that our next generations could thrive with technology and wealth.
People working in factories during the Industrial Revolutions were beaten so badly and often that people couldn’t go an hour without hear the sound of children and adults crying of pain. “So that you can hardly be in a mill without hearing constant crying?
- Never an hour, I believe.” (Document 1)
The workers would be beaten by the supervisor in charge. They would be pinched with needles and whipped with a whip to keep them alert and busy. They would work all day and night for an amount of money that wouldn’t even be enough to buy food that night. It was torture and the people had no other option because they needed to get money to supply food for themselves. The families were so poor that kids had to start working because their parents wouldn’t make enough money to buy food for them.
The supervisor in charge was in charge of any of the work missing, therefore they had to keep the workers awake and busy. “- Yes; the machines turns off a regular quantity of cardings, and of course, the must keep as regularly to their work the whole of the day; they must keep with the machine, and therefore however humane the slubber may be, as he must keep up with the machine or be found fault with, he spurs the children to keep up also by various means but that which he commonly resorts to is to strap them when they become drowsy.” Even if the supervisor was humane enough to feel bad for the workers, he still had to torture them because then he would be in trouble. (Document 1)
A source even went to the length of saying that the work these employees were accomplishing where more than what the human body could endure. The more these workers worked, the wealthier and richer these owners were becoming.
Here, then, is the “curse” of our factory-system; as improvements in machinery have gone on, the “avarice of masters” has prompted many to exact more labour from their hands than they were fitted by nature to perform… (Document 5)
Even though the next generations did and are thriving and profiting from these technical and economic advances, I still think there were many ways in which people would have had the same success without all the pain and suffering.
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