Second Industrial Revolution

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Second Industrial Revolution

Post  Belinda K. on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:58 am

The second Industrial Revolution was during 1870 to 1914, during this time many new technologies were discovered and created which has influenced other technologies to improve. The main creation and discovered where the following: steel, rail, electricity, chemicals, automobiles, machine tools, etc. the countries that had a very rapid development were Germany, United States, United Kingdoms, France, Japan and also low countries. Bessemer, a British engineer in 1856, developed a process to purify iron and produce a new substance called steel. Steel was very useful and was commonly used because it was much lighter, it didn’t rust, and it lasted longer. Electricity was one of the most important and productive substances ever, we even use it today which is our main power source. Electricity replaced stem, as more people tinkered about with Electricity there where many men who were successful like Alessandro Volta who created the first battery. There were a lot of chemists during that time like Alfred Noble who created the first bomb which became usable for warfare, this invention was meant for something else. Automobiles were also very famous during that time and most of the people used these vehicles instead of using carriages with horse.

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