February: karl marx

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February: karl marx

Post  Gloria H. on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:37 am

karl marx was a german philosopher, critic and revolutionar socialist. He was born in Prussia on may 5th of 1818, he began exploring socio political theories at his university. he then became a journalist and his writing on his views of socialism got him expelled in Germany and France. in 1848 he published the communist manifesto.

karl marx was one of strongest critics of capitalism and the factory system.he believed that it created wealth for few and poverty for many. in the 1840s marx made a new theory that pointed out the scientific study of history. marx and engles wrote pamphlets “communist manifesto” where they talked about the communist theory “a form of socialism that sees class struggle between employers and employees as unavoidable.” Mark said that economics was the driving force in history, and that the entire course of history is the stubble between the have’s and the have’s not. the have nots were the proletariat class which was also the working class.

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