February: the second industrial revolution

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February: the second industrial revolution

Post  Gloria H. on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:22 am

After the first industrial revolution came the second, and during the early revolution, inventions such as a steam engine and many more inventions were created. in the 1880’s the pace of change increased rapidly because companies hired chemist and engineers to create new machines for their companies.
the send industrial revolution was known for its expansion of railroads, development of steel and oil industries, new forms of business organization, difficult conditions for the workers, advance in transportation, the creation of developed electricity and many other things.

some inventions were:

steel: a english engineer named Henry Bessemer, purified iron and make a more malleable, strong and a substance that does not rust, steel in 1856.

chemicals: many chemists made new products such as fertilizers, perfumes and soaps.
in 1866 Alfred Nobel produced dynamite, with the intention to break mountains and land for railroads, but later on was used for war fare.

electricity: electricity was developing, Benjamin Franklin worked with electricity and an italian scientist in 1880,created the first battery
1870’s an American inventor, Thomas Edison made first electric light bulb

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