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Industrial Revolution Inventions Empty Industrial Revolution Inventions

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In 1856 Henry Bessemer, British engineer invented a new substance steel. Steel was lighter, harder, and more durable than iron. It got used in tools and railroads. The production of steel increased over time, since it was more functional than iron.

Chemist created a bunch of new products, like perfumes and medicine. One of their creations was a chemical fertilizer for food production, and it had increased the quality and quantity of food. In 1866 Alfred Nobel invented a dynamite. At that time it was to bring down mountains and to build railroads but later on they started using them in wars.

Electricity replaced steam as the main source of energy. This allowed people to work at night. For example know there would be light in the factories and people who own cars may drive at night. Around 1800, Alessandro Volta developed the first battery. Everyone was surprised because no one believed that something could charge it self.

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