Children During Industrial Revolution

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Children During Industrial Revolution Empty Children During Industrial Revolution

Post  Vasilisa on Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:16 am

At the beginning of the industrial revolution children were the perfect workers. You didn’t have to pay them a lot, they wouldn’t argue with you like adults and could fit in places were adults couldn’t. Children didn’t go to school, because in 19th century they were expensive and working class just couldn’t afford it and they needed all the money they could get. By letting kids work at the factories resulted in high birth rate.

The working conditions were horrible:
1. There was no restrict age on kids that could work and on hours they would work. Meaning kids like 8 years old would work around 12 hours.
2. There were a lot of deaths that included children, and even if they didn’t get killed, their health got way worse

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Children During Industrial Revolution Empty Re: Children During Industrial Revolution

Post  Romane D. on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:43 am

It is really sad to see how children had to work in such horrible conditions in order to be able to maintain their families. It shows a very bad examples to other countries and in places like China and India child labor is still very current. It isn't fair, children shouldn't be treated this way, they are innocent, they are supposed to remain healthy and they can't be put to do such hard work at such a young age. I think it really isn't fair and it should really come to our stop in the world. Amazing topic Lisaa!
Romane D.
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