Hindu Society: the Caste System

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Hindu Society: the Caste System Empty Hindu Society: the Caste System

Post  dashas on Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:25 pm

The Caste system divided Hindu society into 4 different life categories. Each caste/social class had to follow their caste duties in order to move up the caste system. People would always want to be good and complete their work to become a higher class.

*Moksha - the ultimate freedom. People would reach for Moksha after being through Brahmin's life (it's not considered a Caste System class).
1. Brahmins - priests and scholars; the higher class of a cast system
2. Kshatryias - warriors; second highest class
3. Vaishyas - merchants and landowners
4. Sudras - workers
* Untouchables - lowest people can get (except for objects and animals). This class is also not a part of the cast system. These people are impure; they are not respected at all by the society.

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