Abolishment of Feudalism during French Revolution

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Abolishment of Feudalism during French Revolution

Post  Romane D. on Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:50 pm

For the Clergy it was a tragedy and they desperately needed help! The king had taken away their privileges with the abolishment of feudalism such as: all the man are born free with equal rights, everyone has the right to take part in the election of the representative to make the laws, the amount of taxes that we have to pay are based on the amount of wealth that each estate possesses, and every person is free to write, speak, or print their opinion. They couldn’t believe what the King had done. They had done nothing but support him ever since he came to the power; and now he couldn’t even stand up for them. Then the bourgeoisie and the peasants are landowners and they could be chief beneficiaries, and workers were now able to buy land. They thought it was very unfair because they were supposed to be superior than the third estate, and that they shouldn’t be paying taxes. Not only that, but the Catholic Church was selling and distributing their properties! They were all historical because their privileges and feudalism were supposed to be protected like it had been the last 600 years. It was a nightmare for them and they were so furious against the King because he hadn’t stood up for them.

What do you think about this event?
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