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Post  Ophirkes on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:10 pm

The first stages in life are infantry, where you’re with your friends twenty-four-seven and you have fun, dancing, playing, jumping, sleeping, pretending, and being crazy. The next stage of life is the stage in which you go to school. The first level of that is between grades 1-5, where kids still somehow enjoy and have fun. The second level is the stage that every kid calls this the “kill me now” stage; between the grades 6-12, basically. All kids turn into teenagers that become moody and don’t care about anything. They don’t feel like doing homework, are very lazy, want to sleep ALL the time, don’t feel like handling stress, nor life, and much, much more.

After those stages comes college. If kids think school is hard, good luck n college pall. College is the real-thing. Much more stress, coffee twenty-four-seven, no time for friends, killer parties, studying, studying, and studying. Once you’re done that, “life” starts; the REAL-DEAL. You have to start paying for everything, and basically live off of what you earn, which means, get a job. So basically, live now, like there is no tomorrow.

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