Disneyland....or not?

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Disneyland....or not?

Post  Ophirkes on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:22 pm

As we all know, Disneyland is every kids dream and the most fun place ever! As well as the most expensive one….all kids go there and love these amusement parks. There are so any different activities and so many different things to do, it’s like heaven. For many of us, it’s literally a dream come true… but, there is a little climax to this beautiful place, the bacteria. This changes EVERYTHING. This is starting to become a serious problem, and here to is why.
In this past December, towards the middle of it, people visiting Disneyland have been informing us that they have gotten the measles while visiting this amusement park. So far, nine people have confirmed that they have this disease and several others are suspected to be stricken with it. If you wanted to go there, you might want to think twice…

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