7 year-old, poor, little, innocent boy...

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7 year-old, poor, little, innocent boy...

Post  Ophirkes on Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:14 am

In Israel, a crazy guy was driving a car towards this city and apparently, he was driving towards a school. Since there are elections taking place right now, many people are against the candidates or against the people that are there right now. They did take a vote a little ago, but not enough people voted them to leave, so they are still there. Everything is a big mess because there are people against the government “individuals” that are trying to ruin other’s lives because of what’s happening. They just want to cause mess and catastrophe to show that the government is unstable.

        When the man was on his way to the school, looking for a place to park or something, without looking somehow, he hit a seven year old kid with his car. The kid was in a bad position and had a big chance of death upon him. Forces came to help and did everything they could to help the poor kid. Ambulances and polices showed up and it became a big mess. Unfortunately, the forces couldn’t do anything to save the seven year-old kid; he died in a very unsteady position. They had to bury him right there, where they were. The whole school came under depression and even the forces stayed for the mini-funeral, done in place. It was a very tragic act.

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