Alexander the great

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Alexander the great

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Alexander the great was only twenty years old when he lost his father and became the Macedonian king. However, he was very prepared to take the throne and follow his father’s footsteps by invading the Persian Empire. He attacked the Persian empire and by the year after he freed the Ionian Greek cities of western Asia minor and defeated the Persians. He eventually had Egypt and Syria under his control By 331 B.C Alexander had the rest of the Persian Empire under his control. Over the next years he moved as far as modern Pakistan, when he reached India his soliders refused to go any further, so they went back home. When he reached Babylon he died out of exhaustion, wounds, fever and too much alcohol. By uniting Macedonia and Greece to conquer the Persians led to the Hellenistic Era. The Hellenistic era was a period of time where the ideas and languages of the Greeks spread to the non-Greek world like southwest Asia and into modern Afganistan and India. Alexander the Great created a Hellenistic city named after him (Alexandria) in Egypt, which had the largest library in ancient times and a museum for scholary research. Greek architects built baths, theaters and temples in the new hellenestic cities and sculptors created thouseands of statues. Many advances were made in astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. The hellenestic era was a time of open-mindeness, diversity and contact among different countries and people. New population meant more architects, engineers and writers. It increased trade and meant that kings had money to spend on buildings and works of art.
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