November Class Topic: Thomas Paine

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November Class Topic: Thomas Paine

Post  Sarah Marti Roy on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:18 pm

A) What is Paine’s overall argument? Do you think his argument is effective?
B) Discuss where Paine appeals to his reader’s logic and where he appeals to his reader’s heart. Why are both appeals important?
C) Paine's work is a persuasive argument that had an electrifying effect on the American population. Can you think of any other examples of persuasive writing that had a similar/comparable effect?

a. Pain's arguments shows America that Britain ruling over a continents is actually slowing down their process of becoming a better continent themselves. To make America realize that they are being used by Britain, to make money and that the fact that an overseas country controlling them isn't right. He states that the only way of stopping this is to go against Britain to get their independence through revolution.

b. Those people who look for logic, the things he says are by common sense and founded by facts; and the people who he got their hearts was when they realized that what he is saying should be accomplished because they are true. He states that it's not for him that he wants this to happen, but for America, when he says that its not a matter of days, not a year nor an age, as long as it happens. When Paine describe America as a she, when he said that her enemies are also our enemies, this proved that he was right and just by using common sense, it could have been figured out.

c. There have been many persuasive writings published to try to convince people to believe different things. All the way from the Martin Luther King Junior to maybe a not so dramatic act by Demi Lovato against bullying and self-harm. Many people try to take place in this world, they want to be remembered, so they try to copy the legends such as Martin Luther King Junior and Martin Luther with his 95 theses.
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