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Common Sense

Post  ebznski on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:18 pm

The argument of Paine in the document "Common Sense" argues that America no longer, nor ever did, needs the support of England and that it should become its own independent country. The way that he wrote the document is very persuasive and effective because he gives many reasons as to why they need to become independent as well as showing great patriotism. In my opinion I believe that in the last paragraph where he talks about how they may have needed England before but do not now appeals to the logic of the readers. This is because what he says is very true, for anything to grow they do not need only the same thing but different things that give them even more of an ability to grow stronger and better. The part where I believe it to be the most appealing to the hearts of the readers is in the last paragraph where it talks about how the only thing America is the England is a trade market. I think this because it is telling the people how England doesn't even think of them as humans, just as a way to obtain more money and power, which is something people feel strongly about.
A document that has tried to do the same thing as "Common Sense" but for a different cause would be the 95 Thesis written by Martin Luther to get people to understand the wrong that the Catholic Church has caused.
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