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Post  Vasilisa on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:37 pm

Queen Elizabeth I and King Philip II were rulers in Europe of 15th century, but they were really different in religious loin of view, personalities, and just as rulers.

Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII, and she was really intelligent. She wanted to keep peace in England and listened to the people while making her own smart choices. She grew up as a protestant and died as a protestant. She believed that people should have their choice of what to believe in so, she let people choose to be protestants or catholics. This had made England more peaceful and Elizabeth I a powerful ruler. On the opposite side, King Philip II was a strong Catholic and expected everyone in his country to be a Catholic as well. He thought that when god made him a king, god wanted him to turn the whole world into Catholicism. This lead to Philip II being a really bloody ruler; he killed all the muslims in Spain and all the protestants. Everyone that went against him was killed.

By looking at the details from the war between England and Spain, Elizabeth I focused more closely on the details. She choose someone who was experienced and able to lead the army, while Philip II choose a rich, popular man so people would agree thigh the idea of the war. Elizabeth beat the spain by her intelligence, while Philip wanted to beat her by numbers. Of coarse Spain had more people and was more powerful, but because of England's idea of ships with water bombs they won. Philip thought that he was the most powerful ruler and by his arrogance he lost.

As in the conclusion, Elizabeth I was one of the most powerful and intelligent rulers. At that time when man ruled the politics and power, Elizabeth proved that women can be just as strong as man. She led England to more power, while Philip drowned Spain.

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Post  Joshua T on Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:20 pm

Awesome job Vasilisa. This was a great post. King Phillip II was a terrible man. In other words, for me, he was a joke. He was racist. I feel like he is not the right man for the job.

Joshua T

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