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Post  David Strauss on Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:21 pm

Catapults were developed by the Assyrian next a bunch of other things. They used the catapults to throw heavy thing over to destroy the enemy. Sometimes these things would be on put on fire and thrown to the enemy, and this will burn then and kill them more efficient. This is long range weapon just like the bow and arrow meaning that they are shot by afar.

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The Catapult Empty Re: The Catapult

Post  Ophirkes on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:56 pm

Wow, I never knew how powerful the Catapults really were! As well as that, I never really knew that they were called like this. In the past, in many wars, these things were used to ruin places in short periods because it’s like a sling shot; takes a little time to prepare, but ruins things in a matter seconds. Now days, we don’t really use these things anymore, but in many museums, Catapults can be found. They are there because we don’t make them anymore and because they are from the olden days.

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