Israel And Gaza at War

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Israel And Gaza at War

Post  Ophirkes on Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:38 pm

Lately, Israel and Gaza have been having a big conflict, which lead these two countries to a situation that can be considered as war. Their conflict is simple, but complex t the same time because people from both countries have different opinions and ideas of what’s happening and due to what cause. If you ask me, from what I know, people from Gaza have been told, since early ages, to hate the Jews and anything that is related to them. Many people who have been studying that country and religion, have found out that they don’t listen to anyone but themselves and don’t care about their actual people. Their president today doesn’t care about anything other than war and killing Jews.
Before all of this happened, when Israel just became an independent country, all of its surrounding countries attacked, on that same day. That didn’t stop Israel, and they remained a country and somehow defeated the rest. The Israelites gave Gaza money for food, education, health care, and similar reasons. They obviously accepted the money and instead of using it for the actual cause, they used it to buy weapons, built explosives, invading tunnels that lead to Israel, etc. Our world is becoming a darker place every single day….

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