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Post  Vasilisa on Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:35 pm

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of England from 1952 until present day. She became queen by blood after her father King George VI had died. Now a days the queens and kings don't have any political power, thats what parliament does, but they are the head of the church and a historical figure.  She has remained in power for quite a long time and doesn't want to give up her power for a few reasons. It's not because she is "selfish" and wants to stay as the queen, but it's because of her oldest son, since the oldest one gets the power next. His previous wife was a very nice and intelligent woman that she liked, but after their divorce, and after his new wife came along, Queen Elizabeth didn't want to give him the power of his rule anymore or give him the money that she was going to give him. She disliked the wife, and so, wanted to have nothing to do with her. Because of her, Queen Elizabeth's son is not at power. Right now the queen id 88 years old and she wants to stay in power as long as she can.
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