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Juan ponce de Leon

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He was born on April 8, 1460, in Santervas fields. He was the Castilian conqueror of Puerto Rico and discoverer of Florida. We don’t know if his first trip to America was with Colon (1493) or Nicolas de Ovando (1502). He collaborated with Nicholas in the conquest of the Spanish in 1502. In 1503, under the orders of Juan de Esquivel, he fought against the Indians of the province of Higuiey, and in return, he was appointed captain of the villa Salveon. June 15, 1508, Ovando signed a contract with the agreement to befriend the Indians, to win gold, cultivate food for the Spaniards and build a fortress home. They left from the port of Yuma with 50 men under his command and arrived south of Borinquen, the August 12, 1508. There they established friendly relations with the Indians, and helps Agüeybana Ponce de Leon to explore the island. In the north part, they found a beautiful port Juan Ponce called "Puerto Rico". In April 1509, Ponce was back in Spanish to sign, again with Ovando, a second contract, in which he named Captain General of the island of San Juan, or as it was called later, Puerto Rico.
On Easter Sunday, he sighted an island but there was the possibility of attack, then in 1513, he amount on a boat to go ashore, thinking it would be a very big island. The landing was on the east coast of the peninsula of Florida. April 8, he claimed all the land for Spain, and the land called Florida. Ponce de Leon, in 1521, organized an expedition to colonize Florida with two ships carrying 200 men. The colony was begun near a large Indian camp in Bahía Espero. Everything was going fine for 5 months, until the colonists were attacked by the Calusa, and Ponce de Leon was wounded by an arrow which caused his death.
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