The Medici's

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The Medici's

Post  Belinda K. on Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:51 pm

The Medici’s was a family of Florence in 1400’s that organized a very successful banking business. The Medici’s ranked the wealthiest merchants and bankers in whole Europe. Merchants were commercial dealers, in this case the merchants would buy paintings and sculptures and pay the artist a good price for their work. The Medici family expanded into wool manufacturing, mining, and other risky projects. There was one family member that started this and his name was Cosimi de Medici, he gained control over the Florentine government and the family continued uncrowned, which means with power but no title. Lorenzo de Medici, also known as “the magnificent”, was the grandson of Cosimi de Medici represented the Renaissance ideal. He was a generous patron of arts also poets and philosophers frequently visited the Medici palace, and that’s where artist learned their crafts by sketching ancient Roman statues in the Medici family.

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