The City of Florence

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The City of Florence

Post  CicelyS on Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:51 am

Many people refer to 15th century Florence, Italy as the nucleus of the Renaissance. During this movement, Florence flourished with art, education, commerce and science. Hundreds of people began moving into Florence in the Renaissance, such as artists and scientists as well as merchants. Because Florence was so filled to the bring with Humanists (people who believed in education, art, and talents in general and the question: What can I do today?) it gained popularity and increasingly became more wealthy.  There are many paintings of florence from the Renaissance due to the amount of artists resigned there.  

Although the Renaissance has passed, many of the pieces of art from within Florence still remain there, especially in the house of the Medici's. The Medici family was a family of wealthy bankers and merchants who funded the art in Florence. Their palace is still filled with art from the movement even today.


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