The Cold War

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The Cold War

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The Cold War started soon after the end of World War II,  the most destructive conflict in the history of the planet. America and its allies, including Great Britain and the Soviet Union, defeated Japan and Germany. Throughout the Cold War millions of people died. At the end of World War Two, America and the Soviet Union were the strongest countries left standing. There were major differences between them. The Soviet Union was a communist country, where the government controlled the economy, and was ruled by a brutal dictatorship and on the other hand, the United States was capitalist. Soon after the end of World War Two, the Soviets began imposing communism on other countries because their country had been devastated by the war and they felt they deserved to have control over enemy countries, as well as territories they had dominated before the conflict. In 1947, U.S. President Harry Truman announced that America would help the countries of Greece and Turkey fight attempts to turn them into communist countries and allies of the Soviet Union. This is often viewed as the beginning of the Cold War. It's called the Cold War because even though the main struggle was between the Soviet Union and America, they never engaged in a direct war. After World War II, Germany and its capital Berlin were divided, the Soviets controlled part of it and America, along with its allies Britain and France.  In June 1948 the Soviets decided to make a move to control Germany, the most important country in Europe. They blocked all the roads and railroads into Berlin, making it impossible for those living in the American and allied parts of the city to get supplies. America responded with the "Berlin Airlift" to fly in everything a city needed to keep going. This totaled 2,325,510 tons of cargo, including coal for heating, food and milk, machinery, soap, medical supplies and newspapers.


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