Neville Chamberlain

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Neville Chamberlain

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Neville Chamberlain was born in 1869 and was educated at The Rugby School in England and shortly after managed his father's sisal plantation in the Bahamas for seven years. On his return to Britain in 1897, Chamberlain became involved in local politics and in 1915 he was elected as Lord Mayor of Birmingham. In 1916, he was appointed Director General of National Service but was dismissed from this position by David Lloyd-George in 1917 who did not understand or appreciate Chamberlain's method of working. In 1918, Chamberlain became a Member of Parliament for Ladywood in Birmingham until 1929 when he was elected Member of Parliament for Edgbaston. He also was Minister for Health under Stanley Baldwin and appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in the National Government of Ramsey Macdonald. Chamberlain held this position from November 1931 to May 1937. In this position, he improved his reputation as an skillfull administrator and became Prime Minister on May 28th, 1937. Chamberlain had no experience in foreign affairs and frequently took the advice of one of his advisors, Sir Horace Wilson, as opposed to the advice of the Foreign Office. Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain in September of 1939 as Europe descended into World War Two after the failure of appeasement in the late 1930's. Because of Chamberlains failure as Britains Prime Minister in the spring of 1940 he resigned Two schools of thought exist as to why Chamberlain pursued appeasement. In March of 1939, Germany's army took over the rest of Czechoslovakia and destroyed whatever meaning the Munich agreement ever had. Chamberlain proptly offered a guarantee to Poland and when Poland was attacked in September 1939, Chamberlain had little choice but to declare war on Germany. It was the pathetic failure of the British military in Norway that ended Chamberlain's time as Prime Minister. Many in Parliament saw that he would not be an inspirational war leader and many politicians such as Churchill refused to serve in his proposed National Government.


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