Differences betweeen Athens and Sparta

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Differences betweeen Athens and Sparta Empty Differences betweeen Athens and Sparta

Post  frankiesmith28 on Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:27 pm

The Spartans were a lot more aggressive, and conquered a lot more land. When they conquered land, they also to over the people and would use them as slaves, called helots. Spartans lives were very controlled and strict. Babies would be checked to see if they were healthy, if not they were left to die. The healthier babies would then at age seven be sent to barracks, and be part of the military until the age of 60, unless they die during the trainer or battles fought. At age 30 the men are allowed to live at home, but still have to stay in the army. The Athens are not at all like this, they do not keep the captured people as slaves, and were fair to the people which is how they created the first democracy, where the people could also vote, and help make decisions. The Spartans did not have this government, they had an oligarchy, and the council of elders. The problem with this government was that it was very based on military, and on the wealthier people.

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