Arab Nationalism in Europe

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Arab Nationalism in Europe Empty Arab Nationalism in Europe

Post  Fabianny Silverio on Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:05 pm

After World War I Arabs had the opportunity to escape from the Ottoman Empire. As we all know, the Arabs were united by their Islamic and religious heritage. In many occasions some political figures have tried to create an Arab nation but have not succeeded. Arab nationalism was intervened by educated elites like intellectuals and civil servants, that know lived in great Arab cities.

During World War I, Great Britain supported Arab nationalists in 1916, but after the war Britain agreed with France to create mandates in former Ottoman Territories that were supervised by the League of Nations. These mandates were payments given to a nation to administer the government. Iraq and Palestine were assigned to Great Britain and Syria and Lebanon were assigned to France. The Europeans had created states and these states had no strong identification with their designated country. A sense of Arab nationalism still remained. These Arab countries were: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, etc.Today, one of the main goals of Arab nationalism is to end Western society influences in Arab countries.

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