Summary of the Cold War

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Summary of the Cold War  Empty Summary of the Cold War

Post  Dominique on Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:44 pm

As the reign of Hitler's Nazi Germany ended, tension grew between two nations who fought side by side; the communist USSR and the capitalist United States. However, there was no actualy confrontation between the two nations, given it's name, the Cold Car (even though it almost caused a nuclear war) but there was a strong rivalry over which government was better. While the United States tried to stop communism from spreading, the USSR tried to spread it (leading to China's communist government today). As the two nations kept indirectly fighting about which government was better by funding several programs like the space race(in which caused americans to reach the moon) there was deep funding one program: Thermo Nuclear weapons(for "peaceful purposes"). each nation was trying to compete which bomb was bigger, thus making them into the greater nation. several acts of espionage were performed to steal plans but eventually the russians won the bomb race with the bomb named the Tsar Bomb. even though the USSR won the "arms Race" it lost the cold war due to economic crises, enters Gorbachev, the last leader of the USSR as he helped the country stabilize the economy and progress towards democracy and the end of the USSR.

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