The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis Empty The Cuban Missile Crisis

Post  martha hildreth on Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:36 pm

The Cuban Missile Crisis began because of the opposing forms of government. The capitalistic, US, and the communist, Soviet Union. It began in October 1962 when The URSS decided to back up Cuba in the decision of becoming communist and going against the US. These two were involved in an arms race, with the US on the lead. The crisis began when photographs showed that Soviet nuclear missiles were being built in Cuba, after Fidel Castro approved the plan.

John F. Kennedy, the President at the time, spent seven days debating what to, as they concluded that they would impose a naval quarantine around Cuba. On October 22 the president informed the rest of the world about the nuclear threat pointing at Miami, and also said that the missiles would be regarded as an attack from the Soviet Union and demanded that the weapons be removed from Cuba, which finally happened on October 28.

This topic is interested because as we know the cold war never posed an actual fight, it was “cold because nothing ever really happen” this was the first thing that seemed to actually be violent but at the end nothing ever did happen. It is interesting how the government decided to hold that information and not mention anything to the citizens, which I believe had a right to know.

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