Everything One Should Know About Hitler

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Everything One Should Know About Hitler Empty Everything One Should Know About Hitler

Post  Samuelvela on Mon May 05, 2014 11:32 pm

Was a failure and school and was also rejected from art school in Vienna. Here he developed his political ideals. At his core he was evil, racist, and anti-Semitism (hostility to jews). Hitler was an extreme nationalist and was capable of manipulating people through terror and propaganda.
Hitler was born in Austria 1889.
Hitler before WWII
He served for four years on the Western Front during WW1, he then remained in Germany and joined politics. In 1919 he joined the German Workers’ Party which was one of the right-wing extreme nationalist parties in Munich. By summer of 1921 he took control of the party.
It was renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) or Nazi for short. Within two years, party membership had grown to 55,000 people with 15,000 in the party militia. The militia was known as the SA, the Storm Troopers, or the Brownshirts due to the color of their uniform.
Hitler's Attempt to Gain Power
Hitler was overconfident staged an armed uprising against the government in Munich on November 1923. It was called the Beer Hall Putsch and it was quickly crushed. He was then sentenced to jail where he wrote My Struggle which stated his basic ideals. In Mein Kampf Hitler links extreme German Nationalism, strong anti-semitism, and anti communism together by a Social Darwinian theory of struggle. His theory emphasized the right of superior nations to Lebensraum through expansion. It also upholds the right of superior individuals to gain authorizatiotarian leadership over the masses.

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Everything One Should Know About Hitler Empty Re: Everything One Should Know About Hitler

Post  Maya Luisa on Mon May 19, 2014 4:45 pm

Nice topic. There are a lot of things people should know about Hitler. Yes Hitler was a failure, his teacher rejected him when he tried to go to an art school in Vienna, and he failed his plan at trying to take over all of Europe and rule it with the Nazis, I think in the end he ended up committing suicide and killing his wife. I know he was married to a lady, and two days or a day later he either killed her or someone else did because the Russians started advancing and that is when he committed suicide as well. He did serve in the army during the First World War and then he started the Second World War. Hitler was overconfident about his plan and made everyone believe it was actually going to come through, which didn’t in the end, he wanted to take over Europe and control it under Nazi Germany but it never actually happened.
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