Body Snatchers

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Body Snatchers

Post  CicelyS on Sun May 04, 2014 11:14 pm

In the 1700's in London, England there was a massive rise of population. With this increase in population came disease. Since there was so much disease going on, there was a need for more medical science to be taking place. At this time, they didn't know much about the human anatomy, thus body snatchers were being used. A body snatcher is someone who takes bodies out of graves illegally. At least, it's illegal now. Back then, it was very common. Murderers' bodies were being used for the studies of human anatomy and for education of doctors. Since less and less people were being executed in those days, doctors had to resort to the body snatchers to dig bodies out of graves and give them to the doctors. Thankfully, this is now illegal.

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