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Planet Earth

Post  Joshua T on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:57 pm

4.5 billion years ago the earth was formed . The soil temperatures were so high that the surface of the planet was a sea of ​​fire. Slowly the earth was cooling . This was the first big change happened to the planet earth. 4.4 billion years ago , meteorites were crashing against the planet, but the gradual cooling of the core of the earth had created a dark volcanic rock. After such a short time , water began to form on the surface. 4.2 billion years ago the water on the surface began to evaporate. An atmosphere formed . This also caused clouds to form. The clouds caused rain to fall . It rained for millions of years. Oceans were formed thanks to the rainfall. 4 billion years ago , more than 90 % of the surface of the earth was a giant ocean. Small volcanic islands formed. There was so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere , that it caused the water look green. This planet was still inhabitable. 3.4 billion years ago , water volcanoes formed granite. This is a very durable, tough, and strong rock. With this rock continents were formed. 2.5 billion years ago , the granite rocks continued to grow and form continents. Continents slowly growing in size. It was the end of the dominance of water on planet earth . It was time that the continents had formed. 1.8 billion years ago , the planet looked completely different. The atmosphere was full of oxygen, the continents were almost formed, and the seas became. 1.5 billion years ago , the planet looked very similar to the one that we live in today. The continents grew to form a quarter of the earth. Also , oxygen caused the oceans look blue. 1.1 billion years ago, the continents moved . The continents came together and formed a mega continent. 700,000 million years ago , global glaciation occurred . Temperatures dropped to the planet earth that the whole world was covered with a layer of ice. For global glaciation , virtually all living organisms became extinct. The planet earth was dying. 630 million years ago, volcanic explosions occurred in the mega continent. These eruptions caused much heat. This heat put an end to global glaciation. 550 million years ago the mega continent began to split into smaller continents. These smaller continents spread throughout the world. 450 million years ago, oxygen levels were normal. The animals became more complex and dangerous. 300,000 million years ago, the continents moved back together. Planet earth became a world of tropical wetlands. 250,000 million years ago, planet earth formed many challenges to live. Huge masses of hot mantle from the earth exploded. The entire planet was covered with toxic gases. More than 95 % of species became extinct. 240,000 million years ago, oxygen levels return to almost normal. The dinosaurs began to appear on earth. 100,000 million years ago, the continents began their long journeys to the positions that they occupy today. There were dinosaurs in each of the new continents that spread. The volcanic weather was appropriate for them. During this period, the levels of oxygen and carbon increased and the temperatures rose uncontrollably. This caused huge forests to form. 65 million years ago, the planet was perfect. The ocean was blue, the carbon oxygen levels were normal, and the continents were green. Suddenly, a meteorite 10 kilometers in size plummeted into the ground killing all the dinosaurs and other important species. 50 million years ago, life began to slowly recover from the extinction of the dinosaurs. 5 million years ago our ancestors first began to appear. 2 million years ago, our ancestors began expanding worldwide. 1.9 million years ago, another global glaciation occurred. 10,000 years ago the ice age ended and the weather returned to normal. The ice sheets melted. This left our ancestors to move freely around the world. 7000 years ago, the first civilizations began to appear .

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