Revolutionary Chaos in China: The Nationalist-Communist Alliance

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Revolutionary Chaos in China: The Nationalist-Communist Alliance

Post  MercedesD99 on Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:37 pm

In 1921, in the city of Shanghai: a group of radicals, which included faculty members of the Beijing University, founded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Communist International (Comintern) agents guided the new party to create an alliance with the more experienced Nationalist Party. Sun Yat-sen welcomed the cooperation of the communists, as he was in need of the diplomatic support provided by the Soviet Union. His anti-imperialist lectures made Western powers feel separated. In Shanghai, an English-language newspaper wrote: “All his life, all his influence, all his energies are devoted to ideas that keep China in turmoil, and it is utterly undesirable and improper that he should be allowed to prosecute those aims here.” (Primary source) 1923: Nationalist and Communist alliance formed to go against warlords and get rid of imperialist powers in China. For more than three years, the two parties set aside their differences and decided that they can work together. 1926: A revolutionary army, to march North, was created to take control over China, called the Northern Expedition.The spring after, these forces managed to take control of Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) and major river ports, like Wuhan and Shanghai. Despite their efforts to cooperate with each other, conflicts arose between the two parties. 1925: death of Sun Yat-sen and rise of General Chiang Kai-shek (military subordinate of Sun Yat-sen) came to lead the Nationalist Party. Chiang planned on destroying the Communists, though he pretended to support their alliance. April 1927: destruction of Nationalist-Communist alliance after the Shanghai massacre where Chiang struck against the Communists and killed thousands. 1928: Chiang created Nanjing as a new Chinese republic. Throughout the coming three years, he tried to reunite China. Chiang viewed Japan as dangerous, but he believed that the Communists were more deadly. Chiang (Primary Source): “…the Japanese are like a disease of the skin, but the Communists are like a disease of the heart.”


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