The history of the corset

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The history of the corset

Post  CicelyS on Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:48 am

In the 16th century, the corset became popular. It was a tight fitting, shaped undergarment used to alter the shape of the users body. Women used the corsets to fit social standards. This is one of the most famous examples of hamirng onself to fit societies idea of beauty. The term "corset" is attested from 1300, coming from the French "corset" which meant "a kind of laced bodice." The term "stays" was frequently used in English from c. 1600 until the early twentieth century. Luckily, by the 19th Century, the corset became less about shapping a womens body (although it still did this) and more about support and coverage. Over the years the idea of the corset was deamed unnatural and was not used anymore.

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