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Hannibal's Journey Empty Hannibal's Journey

Post  Joshua T on Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:00 am

Hannibal's journey to reach Rome started in Southern Spain. His army was equipped with 37 African Elephants, and 46,000 soldiers. The goal of this journey was to travel across Europe in an attempt to surprise attack Rome and conquer them. The Carthaginians took this roundabout in an attempt to stay away from the Roman Navy located in Sardinia and Corsica. The Roman Navy was very strong, that would be the last place that the carthaginians would like to go. The journey was very long and arduous at a cost of many soldiers and African Elephants. After traveling northeast through Spain, they encountered a huge physical barrier, the Pyrenees mountain range. This mountain range cost them many of their 46,000 men and 37 African Elephants. In fact, most of the elephants did not survive. This was the first of many obstacles to come. Continuing their trip to Rome, they encountered many other small battles against Roman allies.

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