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The Telegraph was the first piece of technology to send messages at a long distant in short period of time. The telegraph led to many other inventions such as the telephone. The machine sent a code of long and short pulses of electric current represent different letters. The code became known as the Morris code. To send the message an operator had to press a switch, sending the message to the person. Samuel Morse was the first to invent the telegraph in 1837, but in 1843 he suggests to the american government implement this. The Telegraph is composed by the battery by giving voltage to the telegraph, the key made of two pieces of brass and copper to complete the electrical circuit or allowed it to spring apart to break the circuit, and the electromagnet caused marks to be made on a paper tape, which led to sounders. Before the telegraph it was very difficult to send and receive messages, it was very useful and inexpensive compared to the ways before it. It replaced an existing technology, dramatically reduced costs, and was monopolized by a single firm. Thanks to the telegraph, New York became the financial center of the country, setting prices fir a variety of commodities and financial instruments. As the telegraph spread so did the centralization of prices. The telegraph accelerated the speed of business transactions and contributed the industrialization of the United States, A wire had to be run from point to point, thus a break in the wire would disable it. Messages could only be sent one after the other, one by one. The telegraph, increased jobs and immigration throught the countries. The telegraph effected many inventions, such as multiplexing, teleprinter machines, varioplex, telex, and finally the telephone. The effects of the telegraph were: quicker communications, military services, organization in train stations, and the development of new more advanced communication technologies.


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