Invention of the Steam engine

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Invention of the Steam engine

Post  laraschembrisant on Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:37 pm

In 1804 the first steam-powered engine ran, carrying some iron in Wales, in Britain. But it was almost twenty five years later, in 1829, that George Stephenson, a British engineer, designed the "rocket" that paved the way for railways all over Europe, Asia and America.The steam engine was one of the many inventions created during the industrial revolution, but of the the most significant. The Steam engines solved many problems, such as pump the water out of the land to remove the natural resources available in their territories. James Watt, a Scottish engineer, greatly improved the efficiency of the Newcomen steam engine, which was then adopted for a variety of purposes. The steam engine is an example of an external combustion engine while a car has an internal combustion engine. The steam engine consists a firebox, a boiler, an exhaust steam, a piston, a cylinder, a furnace, a smokestack, a piston rod, a cross head, a calve rod, a slide valve, and a cross head guide.Though the steam engine was very effective and without it the Industrial Revolution would have no happened it had positive and negative effects The steam engine caused major pollution because of the burning of natural resources, like coal. The steam engine allowed fast transportation as well as a fast way for industries to send mass produced products to different places around the world. For the working class it was very difficult because of the working in coal mines and the labor force they had to put in. The steam engine allowed the industrial revolution to thrive, which in turn, led to new technology. Today, most of the functions of steam engines have been taken over by internal combustion engines fueled by diesel which in turn are being replaced by the more ecologically sound electric engines.


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