The Girondins and Sans Culottes

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The Girondins and Sans Culottes

Post  laraschembrisant on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:35 pm

The Girondins were a political group in France during the time of the French Revolution, they were the people who made up the liberal and bourgeoisie.They opposed the government interference in the economy, and were as radical as the Jacobins. They were moderate and didn't support the executions that happened during the Reign of Terror. There were 12 deputies that represented them in the National Assembly. In the Reign of Terror they were executed because the Jacobins saw them as a threat.
The Sans-coluttoes were the radical representatives of the lower class of France, they were the ones that worked blue collar jobs.They weren't properly equipped but they made up a big population of the French Revolutionary Wars, they preffered violence rather than verbal speech.You could recognize San Culottes because of they wore long trousers differently from the bourgeois. Their ideas included popular democracy, social and economic equality. They were tired of the abuses and wanted affordable food and equal taxes. The most upper class of the Sans Culottes felt that all classes were equal and, therefore, should not be differenced by fashion. The Sans-culottes played a large role in the revolution because they were one of the first working class group that incorporated political problems and social condition.
These two groups were important for the French Rrvolution, and even though these groups were very different they worked towards the same objective. Ending the inequalities of the french government at the time.


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