Organization of Greek City-States

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Organization of Greek City-States

Post  Joshua T on Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:48 pm

The way that Greek city-states were typically organized is that there would be a polis, and acropolis, an agora, and finally a place for the citizens to live. The Greek polis became the central focus of Greek life by 750 B.C. The Greek Polis is where people would meet for religious, political, and social purposes. The Acropolis is the place where Greeks would meet up and mingle. It was well fortified all around and it served as a refuge place during an attack. The agora was under the acropolis and this is where people could assemble. It was also known as a market area. The wealthy and rich citizens of Greek were commonly found living inside of the agora. The not so wealthy or rich people would be found living outside of the city walls, without a place for refuge in case of an attack.

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